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Scar Removal

Scars and tattoo removal processes are similar. Both require replenishing or complete removal of the top layer of the skin. Some popular methods are mentioned below.

Tattoo Removal

Sometimes, we want our permanent tattoos to vanish. It is rather difficult to remove tattoos with simple methods and using makeup to cover up daily is not a feasible option. However, the good news is, tattoo removal is not that difficult with modern cosmetic procedures. There are multiple ways to remove a tattoo—laser surgery, plastic surgery or skin grafting, dermabrasion, chemical peels (TCA peels) and lastly, surgical excision is the least preferred option.

Laser Tattoo Removal—

Laser tattoo removal may seem expensive, depending on the size of the tattoo and number of sessions required, but it is one of the most effective and popular methods of removing a permanent tattoo. The high-intensity laser/light beam breaks up the densely packed pigments and slowly it disintegrates. The easiest colour to treat is black. Other colours are treated by selecting suitable laser wavelengths depending on the colours.

Plastic Surgery—

Sometimes, tattoos need to be removed by surgically. In this method, the whole patch of tattooed skin is cut out and discarded. It may leave an operation scar and is not a practical solution for large tattoos.


Dermabrasion is another surgical method of removing a tattoo that uses a medical device that grinds away the outer layer of the skin in a controlled manner. This works by removing the layers of epidermis, which contains the ink and as a result, reveals fresh skin. But dermabrasion may cause scarring and is not a friendly option for all skin types.

Chemical Peels—

TCA peels or ‘trichloroacetic acid’ peels is a good choice to remove tattoos. It is mild but effective in peeling off the outer layers of skin that holds the tattoo ink particles. This may be a slightly painful process but does not require anaesthesia or hospital admission. It may create an open wound that usually heals like regular wounds with daily care—cleaning, medication and dressing. It takes about a week or so to heal properly in most cases.

Surgical Excision—

This is a proper surgical procedure for removing tattoos where the skin is cut out and the skin surrounding the site of operation is pulled together and closed. This method requires anaesthesia and leaves behind a surgical scar. However, it is not a recommended method for large tattoos.

Be it scar or tattoo removal that you are seeking, Dermatologists at Brillar Clinics are well trained and experienced to give you a satisfactory result. Book a consultation with us to find out the best method suited for your skin and scar or tattoo type that you wish to remove.

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