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There are several cosmetic procedures that fall under the non-surgical facelift classification. There are combinations of certain non-invasive and non-surgical procedures that help in rejuvenating the face and improve one’s appearance. After a certain age, skin begins to loosen, signs of aging starts dominating the face. With modern cosmetic options, one can now improve the way one looks without risking going under the knife, any sort of incisions, anesthesia or hospitalization. Non-surgical facelift procedures address individual needs like fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, saggy skin, thin lips, open pores, acne scars and many such issues that club up to affect how positive we feel about ourselves.

The following are the most prominent choices in the non-surgical facelift category:


Botox or Botulinum toxin is produced by Clostridium botulinum (and its related species) bacteria and is a neurotoxic protein that helps in controlling three things mainly—cosmetic improvements /beauty enhancement), controlling muscle spasms and excess underarm sweating. It mainly helps in treating wrinkles and lines of all types.

Botox injections restrict muscle contraction and blocks nerve impulses in that particular area. As a result, the muscles remain relaxed and cannot cause fine lines, frown lines or any such lines that are results of prolonged habits and age. Effects of Botox injections are visible anywhere between two to fourteen days, depending upon the individual.


Unlike Botox injections that relax the muscles underneath a wrinkle or a fine line, Dermal Fillers work by ‘filling up’ or relying on volumizing or plumping up the area to look smoother. It helps treat loosened skin, lift sunken cheeks, jaws, foreheads, and temples. This is also injected into the affected areas but is fast and not complicated.

Dermal Fillers are made of a variety of substances, namely Calcium Hydroxylapatite, Hyaluronic acid, Polyalkylimide, Polylactic acid and/or Polymethyl-methacrylate microspeheres. It is a highly customisable treatment, just like Botox. Dermal Fillers last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Both the procedures mentioned above are extremely popular in the 40+ Age group of people. But it is best to consult a doctor first to find out the best solutions for replenishing your appearance because the Dermatologist can give you a detailed analysis and a perfect, personalised solution. Book your appointment with us asap!

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