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Triggered by factors like excess exposure to sun (harmful UV rays affect melanocytes), hormonal treatments, thyroid diseases, stress, contraceptive pills and pregnancy, Melasma is a quite common skin condition where dark or light brown and greyish brown patches develop all over the face (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin). It certain cases, Melasma may occur in other parts of the body that are exposed in the sun a lot, such as arms and neck. It affects women much more than men, globally.

Basic care for Melasma is to use high SPF sunscreen and almost staying embalmed in it as long as one is outdoors. Along with that, using sunhats and umbrellas are essential. Although there is no known cure for Melasma, certain cosmetic procedures can help improve the condition a great deal. Only in case of pregnancy, Melasma may resolve on its own but it varies from one individual to another.

Dermatologists may easily identify Melasma. Cosmetic procedures like chemical peels and laser therapy are very effective in improving the appearance. There are several treatments available and along with some basic skin care adherence, one may keep Melasma in control.

Book an appointment with our Dermatologists if you feel you have uneven pigmentation on your skin and get a detailed analysis of your skin. In case you are struggling with any skin condition, visit us and find the perfect solution tailored to your need.

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