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Eyebrows—not only are they a part of our identity, they play one of the most important roles in influencing how we look. For both, men and women, eyebrows define a major part of our appearance and boost or dilute our self-confidence.

Many factors may affect our eyebrows, like seborrheic dermatitis, side effects to medicines (antidepressants and others), treatment for chronic diseases (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), hormonal changes, allergy to certain products, scarring or skin trauma, Trichotillomania, Hypothyroidism, and dietary imbalances, just as they affect our scalp and cause hair loss. Sometimes, the reasons are not so complicated but it is too late to rectify by the time you realise. However, eyebrow transplant offers a completely smooth, permanent solution to regaining your lost brows.

An eyebrow transplant does not mean that you will have broad, bushy eyebrows all of a sudden. The procedure properly restores the brow hair. After you get your transplant, you will be able to enjoy beautiful, shaped and proper eyebrows that you want to see on your face.

When to Consult a Doctor?

As soon as you notice voluntary thinning of the outer layer of your eyebrows or loose eyebrow hair on your towel after wiping your face or any sign that your eyebrows are falling out, you should immediately consult a Doctor. By examining and analysing the skin around your brows, by certain tests to determine the right metrics, the Doctor will be able to give you a proper diagnosis of what is going on.

Sometimes, you may be perfectly fine and still wish to change the shape or growth of your eyebrows. Even this is a good reason to see a specialist who can guide you along the right points to get a successful eyebrow transplant surgery.

You do not need admission to any hospital for this procedure and it typically takes a couple of hours from start to finish. It takes a couple weeks to a couple of months to achieve its results. Nevertheless, it is a sure shot way of getting the desired outcome. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the method of hair transplant that is used for eyebrows. Here, individual grafts (each containing 1-4 strands of hair) are harvested from the donor site (which is usually the back of the head) and planted in the recipient site by making minute punctures with a micro-blade or very fine needles. The type of hair to be harvested is carefully determined by the Doctor that matches the characteristics of your natural eyebrow hair. Each harvested hair follicle is placed with intricate precision to match the direction, angle and type of your eyebrow so that you get a completely natural look.

We are known to be one of the best clinics for Eyebrow Transplant in Bangalore. Book a consultation with us and find out more about our hair transplant solutions that are prefect for you.

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