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Only men can undergo a hair transplant procedure (TRUE or FASE)

Despite the fact that men come to mind when talked about hair transplantation among treatment options…

Despite the fact that men come to mind when talked about hair transplantation, among treatment options available for hair loss, hair transplantation has now also become the right choice for women. Even according to the statistical data, approximately 14.7% of those who have hair transplantation are women. 

Women often resort to hair transplantation to lower the front hairline or to increase hair volume. In hair transplantation procedure performed on women, it is not necessary to shave all hair. In order to create the area where the hair follicles will be taken, a small window is created behind the head between the two ears by shaving in such a way that it will not be visible. It is not even recognized that the person underwent the operation since it does not cause any change in appearance.  



Hair transplant surgery is designed for both men and women. This would be a great help for women to treat their baldness. Hair transplant helps women to regrow their beautiful long hairs on the bald area.

FUE is a technique that would help women to regrow hair. FUE is very much safe technique especially for women. There are no side effects, it is 100% safe and no downtime required. Hair transplant can be more safe option for women if done by an experienced and board certified surgeon. But it is very important to know the root cause of hair loss before transplant is done that would help the surgeon and idea for the treatment. FUE Hair Transplant surgery would work best on women and help to regrow you hair. The new hairs that are transplanted looks same as your normal hair. You can dye, shampoo, and cut it just as your normal hair.

Our surgeons at Brillar Clinics are experienced and highly qualified. You can share your questions with Brillar Clinics, the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore. We wish you healthy hair days.

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