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Is hair transplantation still a painful procedure?

Hair transplantation operations are performed using the FUE technology, which is now used as a technically…

Hair transplantation operations are performed using the FUE technology, which is now used as a technically established technique by undergoing a radical change especially within the last 10 years. Successful and natural results obtained with FUE hair transplantation have led to improvements to increase patients’ comfort. Such that, patients can spend time watching television or reading book without feeling any pain during the procedure. 

What makes this comfort possible is both developed techniques and groundbreaking needle-free and painless local anesthesia in hair transplantation. Before the operation, the area where the hair follicles will be taken and then, the area where the transplantation will be performed are numbed by the administration of local anesthesia. Generally, in a hair transplantation procedure, no pain is felt after local anesthetia has begun to take effect. In conventional hair transplantation techniques, anesthetic agents are injected into the scalp using needles. It is inevitable for the patient to feel some pain during this procedure. This procedure may be worrying for those who are thinking about having hair transplantation, but have needle phobia. However, using special anesthesia devices, hair transplantation operation can be carried out without needles, as well as without pain. These special devices deliver anesthetic agents under the skin with a pressurized spraying process. 

Needle-free injection of subcutaneous anesthesia has a much faster onset of action than needle injection; therefore, it is much more comfortable. Those who have needle phobia, and therefore hesitate to have hair transplantation can easily undergo their operations with this new method.

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