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Is Hair Transplant Procedure Painful?

Every Individual considering a hair transplant, generally spend a lot of time researching and watching…

Painless, Pain-Free Hair Transplant, Needle-Free Hair Transplant, Hair Transplant With Sedation

Every Individual considering a hair transplant, generally spend a lot of time researching and watching plenty of videos on hair transplantation prior to their procedure. Even though they may be able to visualize and understand the concepts of hair transplantation; what it really feels like to undergo the operation can only be known by experience. In this blog article, Brillar Clinics will try to provide an answer to one of the most common questions asked by many individuals planning on undergoing a hair transplant; “Is the procedure painful?” In order to have a clear understanding of what a pain-free hair transplant is, the first thing that should be known is the areas that will be exposed to pain. This, in turn, requires an understanding on the basic principles of a hair transplant procedure.

The Most Comfortable Hair Transplant Method: FUE Technique

As a FUE procedure is basically performed with minimal surgical intervention, it is considered as the most comfortable hair transplant method. The only alternative that can be compared with this method is the FUT procedure.

The main objective of these technical improvements, is to perform a hair transplant procedure in a way that causes the least amount of discomfort and pain on the patient. In a FUE hair transplant procedure, fundamentally there are two areas to be operated upon. These areas involve minor surgical activity.

(a).    The process of harvesting individual follicular grafts from the donor area with the aid of micro motors and the creation of recipient sites for graft placement.

(b).    Both processes require the administration of anesthesia.

We at Brillar Clinics never compromise on the quality of the surgical instrument and equipment used in all the procedures.  

  1. Harvesting Grafts (Extracting Follicular Units)  
  2. Transplantation (Before graft placement)

The Need For Anesthesia in Hair Transplantation

Administration of anesthetic agents prior to the two fundamental processes of a FUE hair transplant procedure is unavoidable. The active ingredient in the anesthetic agent delivered into the skin, only numbs the surrounding area where the anesthetic has been given, enabling the micro surgical procedure to be carried out. The choice of anesthetic technique to be applied will obviously have an impact on the level of comfort experienced. Definitions such as pain-free hair transplant, painless hair transplant and needle-free hair transplant mentioned in this article, are expressions that define the level of comfort experienced throughout the operation and are related to the anesthetic technique that is being conducted.

The routes of administration of anesthetic agents that are associated with a painless hair transplant procedure are:

Local anesthesia: Local anesthetics is the most widely used type of anesthesia in hair transplant procedures. Local anesthesia can be administered by needle-free jet injection (diffusion with high pressure) and by the traditional injection technique.

Sedation: Among other applications, this method stands out to be the most comfortable practice. It can be applied both through inhalation as well as vascular access placed from the arm.

The element that increases the feeling of comfort, is the ability to adjust the dose of sedation according to the patients’ needs and through continuous monitoring, the ability to reduce its effect whenever needed.
Since babies can also be administered sedation, it can be considered as a highly safe method.

Painless, Pain-Free Hair Transplant

What is meant by a painless, pain-free hair transplant procedure is that the local anesthetic injection pain experienced by the patient during the process of extracting follicular unit grafts as well as the transplantation process, will be completely eliminated, transforming hair transplant operations into painless procedures..

Local Anesthetic Administration With Injection Needles

In hair transplantation, during the process of donor harvesting and recipient site creation, local anesthesia is required. This local anesthesia in its simplest form is administered via needle injection. To describe the pain felt in local anesthesia injection; it is similar to the pain experienced in dental procedures. The needles used in this particular application of local anesthetics are very thin and cause minor incisions.

Other Factors That Make A Hair Transplant Procedure Pain-Free

  • Using a micromotor that rotates at a low speed during the extraction process.
  • Using a micromotor featuring small cylindrical needles (punches) that are made of high-quality surgical steel grade.
  • Renewal of the cylindrical needles that are used during the extraction process before the punch becomes blunt due to excessive usage.
  • Having the wound-dressings, which will be done shortly after the operation as well as the following day, carried out by health-care professionals, are other factors that can affect the overall comfort of the operation.

Patients have achieved natural, healthy and satisfactory results with Hair Transplant procedures in Bangalore performed byBrillar Clinics. If you are considering a hair transplant or would like to obtain more information on hair transplantation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. reach us on our call / whatsapp no : + 91 8050 605 605


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